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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Free Beading Resources

I'm sure we've all be in the position where we're looking for something on the internet and just want to find it already! Here's a quick little list of resources that I really like. Please note that some of these sites have very specific use guidelines and it's just not right to claim and use these resources for profit and not acknowledge them appropriately. Ethically, it's just wrong!

This first link is great for free beading graph paper. It let's you plot out what your pattern will look like based on what type of bead weaving you do and it's proportional which makes your end project turn out great! It also prints out the full page which is very handy.

Shala's Graph Paper

Another great resource is Bead & Button Magazine. They give tutorials on every type of off loom bead weaving techniques that there are. They also have a great forum and other free patterns to check out!

Bead & Button Magazine - Beading Basics

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