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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Knitting Like Crazy

Just thought I'd give the ol' blog a quick update. I've been knitting like crazy trying to get stuff made for the Christmas rush. So far I've posted some stuff on my website and on Etsy. Here's some of what I've got...

sheep slippers
So far I'm only selling the sheep slippers that I have done. In total I have three pairs of these in various sizes but I just don't have the gumption to make any right now. I used to take custom orders but they take a while to do and I can churn out the regular slippers faster.

But good news for those who are also handy with a knitting needle; I plan on putting up instructions on how to make these. This will probably be sometime after Christmas when I get some time to do it. So come back later and hopefully it'll be here.

On a happier note, I sold these ones within days of my listing them. Awesome!!!

I even got a custom order for the exact same size (different colour) on the same day! I'm working on them right now as a matter of fact and should have them done by tomorrow.

I'm on a real slipper knitting kick as of late and jewelry making seems to have lost it's appeal but I imagine that'll change when I'm sick of making slippers. I've been making all sorts of colours and sizes and hopefully I'll get some more orders.

I'm trying to come up with a bootie sort of pattern but have been too busy to give the time neccessay to the project. I always seem to have more to do than I have time for. I have noticed that when I get on my creative kicks I always get inspired by what I've been doing. It sort of opens a window for the old, "I wonder what would happen if I tried..."

Well, enough of the chit chat for now...After all, I've got slippers to make!

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